Scan Multiple Page Documents on a HP LaserJet 700 Color MFP 775

November 14th, 2014

We got new printers at work and the device of choice is the HP LaserJet 700 MFP 775.

When you go to scan a document if you just hit “email” it just does one page. Its not immediately obvious (either on the printer or in the manual) how to scan multi page documents to one PDF that gets emailed.

So heres how to do it:

Hit “email” and fill out your address and filename etc.
Then instead of “send email” hit the preview button in the top right.


Printer then gives you a preview of your first page.
Now hit the button in the bottom left with 6 rectangles in it.


Now hit the “multi page” icon on the left under “options” – do this for every page.


Finally press “send email”.

Hope this helps someone out there!