I am a hands on practitioner-expert in participatory technology design, with core skills in prototype development and interest in using prototypes as tools to develop understanding of a domain in an agile process. Typically working in iterative sprints with multi-disciplinary teams and end users fully engaged as participants. I have been lucky enough to apply these skills across themes including: digital consultation, digital health, energy futures and environmental modelling.

In the last few years I have had work broadcast worldwide on television and the web by the BBC (twice), been awarded best paper at CHI2015 the world’s premiere conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, and been shortlisted for a Times Higher Award for community engagement in research.

I am a member of the Ensemble team at Lancaster University and work with environmental modellers to develop software engineering tools to enable their science to leverage new and emergent cloud computing architectures and data science techniques.

I’m also tech lead on a Health Internet of Things project called Clasp. We are developing a platform for the design and development of personalised digital anxiety management tools, with people who have autism and their support networks.

Major Projects

Some of the larger projects I have worked on are documented here.

Blog Posts

Snippets of infrequency.